University of Winnipeg hit with cease and desist letter over vaccine mandate

Three educators have issued a cease and desist letter to the school, claiming that its vaccine mandate violates their rights.

University of Winnipeg hit with cease and desist letter over vaccine mandate
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A trio of educators who work at the University of Winnipeg have retained Leighton Grey of Grey Wowk Spencer to put the post-secondary institution on notice, claiming that the school violated the Charter and is compromising the health and welfare of staff and students through the vaccination policy it announced in October for the fall 2021 semester.

The letter, addressed to Dr. James Currie, interim president and vice-chancellor, dated October 18, notes the human rights violations that are associated with the policy that now requires all staff and students to present proof of vaccination status to set foot on campus.

Grey describes forced injections as a “criminal assault” and that “every member of the University of Winnipeg Board of Regents who supports vaccine mandates against employees or any other person supports the criminal assault of your fellow professionals.”

According to the letter sent by Grey:

Employers are legally obliged to respect the autonomy and dignity of their employees to respect the confidentially of their medical information, even after the employee has died; and to not use medical knowledge to violate the human rights and civil liberties of their employees, even under threat from Government authority. Forcing experimental drug injection therapies upon University employees under threat of loss of livelihood is a clear violation of the Criminal Code of Canada and the University’s own Constitution.

An application shall be brought seeking injunctive relief and punitive damages against the University of Winnipeg arising from irreparable damage caused through violation of the fundamental human rights of the named employees.

The three specifically named parties in the threat letter have asked that their information remain anonymous and that their details be redacted from the documents associated with this article. To avoid reprisals, they will be referred to as “university employees.”

A statement provided to Rebel News by one of the employees named in the letter explains:

“Rapid changes (including the removal of remote teaching and testing options) to the University of Winnipeg’s vaccine mandate (covering all staff and students from grades 9 through to university age level) were implemented throughout the second half of the month of August. Due to these many changes, we requested a policy in order to make an informed decision and, rather than being provided one in response, were immediately denied wages, benefits, and campus access (including access to personal office property) beginning September 7th.”

In the letter, the employees do not indicate their vaccination status, however, they explain their reasoning for the legal steps they have taken.

You can read the document below:

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