Vaccine Injury Reaction Story: Meet Diana Hoar

Diana wanted to get back to normal. Now, wheelchair bound, she has been given a formal injury diagnosis and all the necessary paperwork to complete a claim through a Federal grant program.

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Last week I published an article highlighting the announcement by the Justin Trudeau Liberal Government to commit $75,000,000 to a grant program for those damaged by the COVID injectables. I had asked people who were suffering adverse reactions to reach out to me via e-mail and now my inbox is bursting with stories and personal accounts.

One of those stories was Diana Hoar. She is a 55-year-old otherwise healthy woman who wanted to get vaccinated to get back to normal. She wanted to eat at a restaurant, enjoy Tim Hortons coffee dates with her husband and travel to see her daughter in Australia where she has a grandchild that she has never met. But all of those longings have become more difficult or impossible due her worsening condition after receiving her second Moderna dose in the summer of 2021.

Diana has been diagnosed with functional neurological disordermyocarditislupus and most recently, chronic inflammatory lung disease (COPD). She finds that she is often unable to walk or stand due to pins and needles and numb sensations throughout her extremities — a theme that seems to be reoccurring with vaccine damaged stories I have covered. Being mostly wheelchair bound means that Diana has since been moved from her second floor apartment into an accessible, ground level apartment. She is on a liquid diet, unable to swallow normally and is losing weight rapidly.

The medical establishment has not been able to provide Diana with tangible treatment options. Aside from being put on a puffer the day that our interview was conducted, Diana continues to undergo endless tests and labs but has not been given any management prognosis or steps to move forward in resuming normal life. She and her husband both feel as though they are left in the dark to try to manage her deteriorating health.

On the dimly bright side, Diana, unlike so many others, has been formally diagnosed as having a vaccine reaction and has been given strict instruction not to receive any other vaccines, ever.

Diana has been given all the necessary paperwork to complete a claim through the federal grant program — Vaccine Injury Support Program (VISP). So far, out of 400 claims received, fewer than five have been approved.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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