VIEWERS REACT: Mother and daughter kicked out of empty theatre

Rebel News viewers shared their reactions to Cineplex kicking out a mother and her daughter for refusing to wear masks, despite having purchased popcorn and sodas prior to the movie starting.

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David Menzies covered a story last week involving a mother, Melissa Robinson, who took her three-year-old daughter to the movies in North Bay, Ont., only to be kicked out of the empty theatre for not wearing a mask between bites of popcorn or sips of soda.

In this clip from last Friday's edition of Rebel Roundup, David shares some of your reactions to this stunning performance from a Cineplex cast member.

“Fred Penner” wrote:

So let me get this straight... You will sell her the popcorn, but won't let her take off the mask to eat it? Not to touch on the fact that the theatre was empty. We are living in an upside-down world. 

Strange times indeed, Fred. We bet things were a little different back in your day.

Another Rebel News viewer, Richard Marr, had some words of encouragement for Melissa:

Melissa, I'm proud of you for calmly standing your ground in front of your daughter while you were being harassed by those two people. You're an awesome mom, and an awesome role model for your daughter. There's hope for our country with people like you in it.

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