Viral 'Hitler was right' ad misplaces the blame for antisemitism

Ezra Levant breaks down how an ad posted to social media depicting a white father talking to his son about antisemitic remarks posted online misses the mark when it comes to rising incidents of Jew hatred.

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Rising antisemitism in the West has been a topic of discussion following the Oct. 7 terror attack carried out by Hamas against Israel. In Canada, Jewish schools have been shot at, businesses targeted with protests and rallygoers have called for the total destruction of Israel.

In response, a Jewish group published an ad showing a father talking to his son about posting "Hitler was right" online, pressing the boy to have the audacity to make those kinds of remarks to Jews to their face.

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra reviewed the viral ad, which has now been seen more than 3.5 million times on X (formerly Twitter) alone.

First, Ezra pointed out that the antisemitism problems we're seeing aren't from "middle class white guys with their dads in a $60,000 pickup truck." He expanded on that point:

I'm not saying there are zero middle class white guys with their dads and the kid says something dumb online like 'Hitler was right'. I'm not saying there's zero of them. I'm just saying I haven't seen a single one and I've been looking at these protests directly from inside them or from our reporters.

That's not who they are. And I think that's part of the problem, is we're looking with a magnifying glass — there's such a demand for Nazis on the right, and we have absolutely missed that the racism, the antisemitism, the frankly anti-white racism is on the left. 

The second part of the ad's message, the "come say that to my face" angle, is actually happening, Ezra said. A shy white guy, like in the ad, might not have the hatred to go and say it to a Jewish person's face, however.

While a person like the one depicted in the ad might be considered a 'keyboard warrior', Ezra noted "The trouble is, there are far too many antisemitic haters who are throwing Molotov cocktails at synagogues, who are shooting things, who are punching people."

The ad wasn't the only part of this conversation to go viral, however, as a rebuttal to it also received more than a million views.

This, Ezra said, was fair to an extent — but needlessly paints a whole group negatively. On this point, he said:

It is true that many of the open borders, multiculturalism advocates have been Jews, and have been Jewish organizations, including in Canada. Now, that obviously doesn't mean every Jew. And one of the things I don't like about the tweet is that it's sort of a collective guilt, collective punishment.

I'm a Jew who has always called for less immigration. I call for zero illegal immigration and less legal immigration, and the (lessened) legal immigration should be vetted for a number of aspects including cultural assimilability.

Do the people assimilate and integrate? Do they agree with our Western liberal values of pluralism, non-violent solutions to problems, separation of mosque and state. I've been saying these things for 20, 25 years, including when I was prosecuted by the Alberta Human Rights Commission for publishing the Danish cartoons of Muhammad.

So I don't agree with the broad brush comment that 'all Jews are guilty' of bringing in this Jewish hate. That's the Nazi concept of Selbsthaß, the Jews brought it on themselves. I don't subscribe to that. But there is a truth to it, that suddenly all these liberals, and obviously Jewish liberals, who are shocked — just shocked — that when they went to bat for open borders immigration with no cultural fit, suddenly they're being devoured or threatened by it.

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