Viva Frei contrasts freedom-loving Florida with Trudeau's Canada

'It's a different world stepping back into Canada from the free state of Florida.'

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On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, former lawyer and current political commentator Viva Frei joined the show to shed light on the freedom in Florida that is lacking in Trudeau's Canada.

"Living in Florida, you see what it's like to live not shackled by a government, not totally oppressed by a government," explained Viva Frei.

The content creator went on to explain the difference in support for law enforcement in Florida compared to other states and Canada.

"The irony is when you don't defund the police and you let the police do their job, not with impunity but with confidence that they'll be supported by the people and the government, they do their job better," he said.

Speaking about the lack of freedom-minded people in Canada, Viva Frei said, "By and large, you come back here and you realize that people want to be told what to do."

"They want the government to dictate their lives so that if and when mistakes happen, well they don't get to blame it on themselves. It's the government. If things go to hell, it's the government's fault and it's never the individual's fault or responsibility because they've advocated all responsibility to the government who will invariably screw things up more than the individual would if they had their own way."

Commenting on returning to Canada, he said, "You come back and you see people mourning the death of their country that was once free and beautiful and now it's the symbol of international tyranny."

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