WATCH: UWinnipeg extends mask mandate but province doesn't — whose science is right?

We spoke with a student from the University of Winnipeg to hear his perspective on how the school is enforcing COVID-19 restrictions.

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Even though most of the world has moved on from COVID-19 restrictions, Canada remains a bastion of hope for those who like enforcing punitive rules. Example being, the University of Winnipeg recently extended their indoor mask mandate even though the province has now stated that the science indicates it is no longer necessary.

First, they extended this mandate until June 30th, then a day after I emailed them my questions in relation to their mandate extension, they extended the mandate again until August 16.

We spoke to a student at the university who recently voiced his concerns with the decision to extend mask mandates beyond provincial guidelines. In speaking to faculty, he was quickly dismissed, refused from class unless masked, and told to leave until his morals were in line with the political talking points of the university – not actually, but basically.

Even though universities are supposed to be a place of debate and higher learning, it seems that the University of Winnipeg no longer fits this description. As Ethan found out, not only is there deep hypocrisy on campus revolving around COVID-19 mandates and who has to comply, but there’s also a blind willingness to ignore countervailing opinions and facts, leaving this university in the pursuit of a lopsided stance that may ultimately lead them to fall over.

We reached out to the university for comment, however they seem to have chosen not to respond, probably for good measure as they really don’t have much ground to stand on. In the past, they were put in their place with regard to vaccination status and the discrimination they sought after in that department, and more recently had to back off from suspending a student who attended a rally against this same kind of overreach from the government.

One can hope things will change for the best but after two years of ‘two weeks to stop the spread,' perhaps the only way Canadians will alleviate themselves of this bio-tyranny is to stand up and say enough is enough.

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