What went on during the Emergencies Act Inquiry | DAY 10 RECAP

On October 26, day 10 of the Emergencies Act public inquiry, Superintendent Robert Bernier from the Ottawa Police Service finished his lengthy testimony, continuing from the day before. Robert Drummond, an inspector with the OPS, also testified.

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Bernier made a crucial comment that most witnesses prior to him have also said, and is probably the most important part of the testimony — this is essentially the main takeaway of this whole inquiry: “Helpful, but not necessary.”

This is what Bernier affirmed in regards to the necessity of invoking the Emergencies Act.

Possibly the most stunning line of questioning of the afternoon was when convoy lawyer Bath-Shéba van den Berg showed video evidence of an officer appearing to beat up a protester with his rifle, not using the butt of the stock, but the barrel on the demonstrator. 

And Bernier’s response was shocking. 

The second witness to testify was Ottawa police Inspector Robert Drummond. 

Drummond touched on “right-wing extremism” and other radical movements when talking about groups that could have been associated with the Freedom Convoy. 

Drummond said there was indeed right-wing extremism during the protest, but then stated that nothing all that extreme actually happened. 

Drummond was pressed on police officers being friendly with people in the convoy, taking selfies with protesters. 

To end the day, Rebel News invited Freedom Convoy organizer Tom Marazzo on our nightly livestream to discuss the testimonies heard throughout the day. Our breakdown shows are airing weeknights at 6 p.m. ET/4 p.m. MT every day until the public inquiry concludes.

Marazzo arrived on set with a very odd outfit. 

Marazzo, along with other convoy organizers, will be testifying in front of the Public Order Emergency Commission next week. Stay tuned for more.

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