“Who's lying here?” Keean examines conflicting statements made by Morneau, Kielburgers

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On a recent episode of The Ezra Levant Show, our own Keean Bexte joined me to talk about Craig and Marc Kielburger's testimony to the House of Commons Finance Committee last week as the WE Charity scam unfolds.

When I asked Keean about the gift that WE gave to Bill Morneau  a free trip to the WE compound in Kenya  he said: 

They were under oath, so they were obligated to answer truthfully  something that they wouldn't have done otherwise. Just for background on [Morneau's stay at a WE location in Kenya], this was the trip where Bill Morneau owed over $40,000 to the WE Charity because if he didn't technically owe that money to them, he would have been in contravention of a bunch of ethics rules that ministers are obligated to follow: you're not allowed to accept gifts over a certain amount, not allowed to accept travel, you know the drill.

The day before he testified Bill Morneau paid back a bunch of expenses that he just happened to find. So we were being led to believe that this was something that he owed and that it was his own personal financial mistake that he didn't pay it back. Now that the Kielburger brothers are testifying [that they didn't expect the money back], who's lying here?

Seems like the Morneau was telling just another little Liberal lie.

You can check out how Keean is leading the charge at Rebel to push back on the WE Charity's dealings with the Liberal Party by visiting AuditWE.com.

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