'Extreme right-wing activists': Patrick Brown takes aim at Rebel News

The scandal-plagued Brampton mayor was recently disqualified from the CPC leadership race.

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On last night's episode of the Ezra Levant Show, we examined the recent fall from grace of Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown. Mr. Brown was recently disqualified from the Conservative Party of Canada leadership race for allegedly breaking financing rules.

The embattled Brampton mayor has been under scrutiny as of late, likely in part due to scandals reported on by Rebel News, including allegedly using senior staff from the City of Brampton to contribute to his federal leadership campaign.

Mr. Brown's actions have also come under the microscope as of late for alleged membership irregularitiesfollowing claims his leadership campaign has been reimbursing membership fees that were paid by individuals who agreed to join the party. 

Opting to slam Rebel News rather than explain his actions, Mr. Brown had this to say: "I don't consider Rebel Media to be media, they're extreme right-wing activists."

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