'It was to highlight how fragile our rights can be': Leslyn Lewis defends Nuremberg reference

'I thought I would invite Dr. Lewis on the show to talk about the Nuremberg Code, how it's appropriate to refer to it in the case of medical ethics, and why I think she was right and her critics were wrong,' said Ezra.

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On last night's episode of the Ezra Levant Show, we were joined by Conservative MP Leslyn Lewis to discuss the backlash that she has faced for bringing up the Nuremberg Code in an email to supporters. Dr. Lewis purportedly brought up the code in relation to ongoing debates surrounding medical ethics and personal autonomy. She also described historical experiments conducted on humans in the email. 

As stated by Dr. Lewis, "legal principles are historical precedents. It sets the parameters of how we should behave. So it's very very logical on the eve of the Nuremburg Code to bring up these things. So I don't know why they were so angry with me. But I do know that people like Mr. Aitchison, they have a lot of bigotry around social conservatives."

As stated by Ezra, "it's relevant to anyone who has studied the last two years as patients. Ordinary Canadians have had their informed consent removed as Canadians have been pressured into taking vaccines. Some of them just took them willingly but many did not want to and were coerced into doing so. Did it touch upon the Nuremberg Code? Well, it most certainly did."

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