Aaron Gunn: Booted from running in British Columbia's Liberal Party leadership race

Aaron believes the B.C. Liberals mimicked talking points of the province's NDP party to toss out one of their own.

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Is the trend of actual-conservative politicians being booted out of so-called “conservative” parties going come to an end any time soon?

The British Columbia Liberal Party appears to have learned a thing or two from the political exiling of boldly conservative politicians like Jim Karahalios, Derek Sloan and former candidate Jonas Smith, because they decided to prevent Aaron Gunn from running in the party's leadership race.

The province's Liberal Party is not affiliated with the federal Liberals, and is typically known as B.C’s right-leaning party. Yet, shortly after the conservative independent journalist and social media influencer Aaron Gunn announced that he had decided to run for the head of the B.C. Liberals, the party's Leadership Election Organizing Committee united to ensure that wouldn’t be possible.

“We were completely blindsided by the party” said Gunn when I sat down to interview him about the decision.

Gunn believes the B.C. Liberals mimicked talking points of the province's NDP party to toss out one of their own.

Roxanne Helme, chair of the committee, along with the party president Paul Barbeau issued a joint statement where Helme stated that approving Gunn's candidacy “would be inconsistent with the B.C. Liberal Party’s commitment to reconciliation, diversity and acceptance of all British Columbians.”

Watch the full interview with Gunn hear our conversation about how reconciliation is being used as a reason to reject Gunn, despite Indigenous MLA Ellis Ross — who is still running as a candidate in the B.C. Liberals leadership race — publicly stating that he believes Gunn should not have been removed.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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