Aussie COVID cops find new extremes for enforcement

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A pair of recent incidents in the Australia have demonstrated that police continue to find new ways of failing to serve the public during the COVID-19 pandemic. Both instances came from the state of New South Wales, where an outbreak of COVID cases has plunged the parts of the region, including country's largest city, Sydney, into lockdown.

One incident happened in the town of Bowral, southwest of Sydney, the other in the city of Newcastle, to Sydney's north. Each occurrence featured a very heavy-handed approach from police in their effort to enforce public health guidelines.

Ezra Levant shared his thoughts on this latest display of poor policing on a recent Rebel News DAILY Livestream, wondering:

What's the difference between that and a police state? What is the difference between that and Venezuela, and Russia, and Iran and China? Putting a woman in the back of a police truck because she's not wearing a mask, and then another guy comes to object and they smash his face against — and he's a senior — they smash his face against the truck, then they smash him against the ground. A woman, I presume to be the wife of the old man, is filming it and they arrest her too and obviously grab her. 

I remember when there was a time not long ago — in fact, I'd say 18 months ago — when if you were to see a video like that from Russia, from Iran, from Venezuela, from China, you would have a field day and say “police state“ [or] “authoritarian.” You would be outraged, but now it's happening here.

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