Turning Canada Day into a day of shame is a distraction from the Liberals' failures

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The Liberals are trying to turn Canada Day into a day of shame and rage. Justin Trudeau needs a bit of that division up here. He needs a crisis to distract from his own controversies.

He doesn’t want the election to be about him and his incompetence, his cabinet fiascos, his disgraced ministers, from Harjit Sajjan to Steven Guilbeault, or the nearly 1,000 days China has held Canadian hostages.

Much better to have a summer of hate, that will feed the media, distract from his own errors, but most importantly, get to his master strategy of dividing us based on sex and race and posing as the great reconciler, while accusing his opponents of being racist and sexist.

Trudeau won’t stand up for Canada — not against China; not against rioters and arsonists.

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