We found Canada's WORST cop

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Over the last year, policing has been placed under a microscope. The death of George Floyd in the United States brought the issue to the forefront for many people, and the numerous instances of heavy-handed pandemic enforcement have kept it front and centre on a regular basis. It's hard to remember that at times, police can be the best among us. They'll charge head first into danger to keep the community safe. But with so many stories of misbehaviour, of serving as a tool for political enforcement, those positive traits can be forgotten.

Regular Rebel News viewers are all too familiar with these instances of police behaving badly, particularly from the stories we've been telling through our largest-ever civil liberties campaign, FightTheFines.com.

On yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra came to the conclusion that he's found Canada's worst cop.

No, it's not the officer in Hamilton, Ontario who issued a ticket for handshaking. Not the Montreal, Quebec police who referred to Rebel News as “Jew media.” Not even any of the police in Alberta, where three pastors have been arrested and a young man playing hockey was threatened with a Taser.

As Ezra explains in this special, free full-length monologue, the dubious distinction for being Canada's worst cop goes to Staff Sergeant Dan Maclean of the Peterborough Police Service.

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