Canadians injured by COVID vaccines struggling financially despite federal compensation program paying out nearly $7M in damages

Those suffering adverse events from the novel COVID-19 injections say compensation is inadequate for the debilitating injuries, with the vast majority of claimants being denied completely.

Canadians injured by COVID vaccines struggling financially despite federal compensation program paying out nearly $7M in damages
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There have been 1,859 reports of harm related to the novel COVID-19 injections, according to a biannual update from the newly-instituted Vaccine Injury Support Program (VISP). Of those, only 103 were approved for compensation, which has totalled $6,695,716 so far, according to Blacklock’s Reporter.

The program is scheduled to run for five fiscal years with a total budget of $75 million dollars, of which $21.2 million will be given to Raymond Chabot Grant Thorton Consulting Incorporated (RCGT) for the administration of the program. It is unclear how much will end up in the pockets of injured Canadians after the bureaucracy takes its share.

In order to quality for compensation through VISP, the injury suffered has to be serious and permanent or resulted in death.

Exclusive access to information documents obtained by Rebel News detail the policy framework developed by the Public Health Agency of Canada to run the program. They state that those suffering a serious and permanent injury will have fair and timely access to compensation.

Yet one lawyer shares that her client waited two long years for her documented vaccine injury to be formally recognized by the red-tape riddled program. The final payout was insufficient to cover the life-long damages caused to the victim, who only took the injections because of incessant “do your part” messaging, with a promise to return to normalcy for doing so.

Eva Chipiuk, counsel for permanently disabled client Carrie Sakomoto, has filed a $10.5 million lawsuit alleging mainstream media misinformation and malfeasance in office of various public servants as a result.

It names Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam, who repeatedly told Canadians that all COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective.

There is a bloated bureaucracy to navigate to simply have your adverse event documented, where individual medical records are left to the review and ultimate approval of government-appointed “VISP physicians.”

“The whole process is so misaligned and ineffective,” explains Meredith Klitzky, a vaccine-injury claimant who says that the process is compounded further as individuals navigate debilitating health concerns. “It takes weeks to fill everything out.”

Former emergency room physician and general practitioner Patrick Phillips sounded the alarm on the difficulty of formal vaccine reaction reporting in May 2021. All five of his COVID-19 vaccine injury reports were rejected by the first level of the bureaucracy — his local medical officer of health — due to technicalities and arbitrary criteria.

Other Canadians suffering debilitating adverse events include (but are not limited to) Diana Hoar, Kevin Street, Trina Huss, teenager Jasmine Cuomo and Keyonah, Celeste Pennington, Catriona Atkins, Franci DuPerron, and 16-year-old pericarditis sufferer Josh.

Former nurses alleged the disappearance of stacks of vaccine adverse events at the hospital that they worked at, prior to being dismissed or taking early retirement as a result of indiscriminate COVID-19 vaccination mandates.

A previously private government memo shows the extreme measures studied and utilized by government-sanctioned behaviour scientists
to ensure that Canadians were manipulated to line up for novel COVID-19 injections, in a secret study that is alleged to breach the Federal Accountability Act.

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