Teen suffers seizures post vaccine - parent comments on vaccine mandates

A sixteen-year-old teenager, due to the vaccine passport, was coerced into receiving Pfizer COVID-19 injections, only to start suffering from seizures not long after. She also saw her menstrual cycle severely deregulated.

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Her mother expresses difficulty in navigating her COVID19 vaccine reaction with local hospital and health unit in trying to get it documented.

Keyonah, 16 year old daughter of Dallas, opted to receive her 1st dose of COVID19 vaccine after a school day, citing her desire to go on a movie date with her boyfriend at the time. She did not want to be further segregated from social events due to her medical choices despite her mom's opposition.

Within twelve hours, Keyonah was seizing. Unable to see, move, or talk, her friend called 911 when they realized the seizing would not cease.


Paramedics arrived approximately 30-minutes later and, according to Dallas, lacked compassion for the teen's condition due to the fragrance of marijuana which Dallas and her friend had indulged in the night prior. Noting that Keyonah is a regular marijuana user and has never witnessed seizing after enjoyment, Dallas said they were met with similar questioning and accusations in the emergency department.

Hospital staff probed Keyonah about pregnancy and drug use instead of acknowledging that the teen had been injected a mere 12 hours prior.

Since that time, Dallas and Keyonah have been entirely disregarded by the medical establishment including the local health unit, Peterborough Public Health – a health unit I have previously reported on over claims of their inadequate reporting of adverse events.

Dallas questions how Keyonah was provided with adequate informed consent since no physical forms were given and due to her dyslexia, she would have required assistance to read formal documentation.

Dallas says she continues to walk a fine line with Keyonah’s health. The teen is easily triggered into black outs and seizures and still suffers from occasional ticks.

She wishes that the injections were not forced or coerced on the general public, especially those under the age of 18.

Sign our to petition here to make sure that Canadians will no longer need to take a vaccine against their will simply to participate in social events, or pursue other basic activities.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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