Is Justin Trudeau uniting or dividing Canadians? Let's find out!

'On Canada Day, we shouldn't have to be searching families just to go on Parliament,' said one attendee.

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My Rebel News colleagues and I went to the July 1st Canada Day celebrations on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. Well, except we found out that we couldn’t directly access the hill: the Parliamentary Protective Service (PPS) had orders to bar Rebel News from entry, as David Menzies soon discovered.

Anybody who wanted to enter onto the Hill, including children, were scanned by the airport-style security personnel. This stood in contrast to previous years when huge crowds were able to gather freely.

So instead, along with many others, we stayed outside the security checkpoint and documented the celebrations. I was there to speak with ordinary Canadians and hear their thoughts, with this question in mind:

“Do you feel that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is doing a good job of uniting the country, or do you feel that Canadians are divided?”

I received a range of reactions from the diverse crowd, many of whom carried Canadian flags and waved signs:

"On Canada Day we shouldn't have to be searching families just to go on Parliament."

"I urge everyone to remain peaceful no matter how upset you get, no matter how angry you are."

Unlike the mainstream media's portrayal of patriotic Canadians, the crowd was peaceful, positive and passionate. Although law enforcement was not as aggressive as compared to their treatment of the Freedom Convoy this past winter, there was still an excessive amount of security and police present, cracking down on trivial matters.

While I walked around, I witnessed a lady threatened with a $1,000 fine for selling water bottles to passersby; as well as lawyers from The Democracy Fund being harassed for having a banner on the sidewalk.

In these unpredictable times, we at Rebel News love listening to ordinary people — the people the mainstream media often ignore or reject — in order to cover the real issues and bring you the other side of the story. Unlike the legacy media, we are independent and have to survive without government funding. So if you can help out, it is much appreciated and enables us to continue reporting.

Please go to to contribute, and for more coverage. Thank you!

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  • By Rebel News

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