'F*** Trudeau' flag nearly costs man his Canadian citizenship

A Victoria, BC man says the flag almost cost him his Canadian citizenship after he was told to remove the flag 'or else' during his virtual Oath of Citizenship ceremony.

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Whether you love them or hate them, 'F*** Trudeau' flags have become commonplace amongst citizens who are fed up with the direction Canada is heading in under the thrice-elected leadership of Prime Minister Trudeau.

But one Victoria, BC man says the flag almost cost him his Canadian citizenship after he was told to remove the flag 'or else' during his virtual Oath of Citizenship ceremony.

After being pulled into a separate virtual meeting area to have his identity verified, Adam Winter says he was asked to take his 'F*** Trudeau' flag down from the wall behind his family before proceeding because the flag was offensive.

After Winter politely challenged the “offensive” label, an unnamed manager was brought into the meeting and began to list a series of reasons why she felt the flag, which replaces the U in the four-letter curse word with a Canadian flag, needed to be removed.

According to Adam, he wasn’t the only person in attendance with a variation of the Canadian flag hoisted. Winter says there was at least one person who was permitted to have an LBTQ+ version of the Canadian flag in view during the ceremony.

“She finally said that the flag was not conveying a celebratory message,” said Winter when I interviewed him about his ordeal. Winter disagrees with that statement as he believes that due to Canada’s Freedom Convoythe flag is symbolic of a time when “Canadians were coming together and standing up for their fundamental rights and freedoms, god given rights and freedoms, but also as stated in the Constitution as well.”

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada describes the Oath of Citizenship ceremony as “the final step to becoming a Canadian Citizen.” Everyone ages 14 and older seeking to be granted Canadian citizenship must attend and complete the ceremony, so when Winter was repeatedly told he could not proceed without removing the flag, he chose to take down the flag but not without a final word for the representative who gave the ultimatum.

“This is contradictory to everything that you’ve taught us about the freedom of expression that is allowed in Canada,” he said.

I first introduced you to Winter, an Australian citizen who has been living in Canada for eight years, back in October 2020. Winter was one of the close to 2000 pro-freedom protesters who rallied against draconian COVID-19 lockdown measures in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery.

A year after interviewing Winter at that protest, his family was was hit even harder by the province's COVID-19 mandates. While he and his partner Sylvia were expecting their first child, simply for not complying with the government's COVID-19 vaccine mandates, Winter was terminated along with hundreds of other BC public servants from his position which he paid over $100,000 in higher education fees to qualify for.

His situation is just like the thousands of healthcare professionals in BC who are still forbidden from caring for patients in the province as British Columbia has still refused to invite their vax-free public servants back to work.

Rebel News sent an inquiry out to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada to receive guidelines that pertain to what type of flag people can hoist during their ceremony. We have not heard back at this time.

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