We're celebrating 8 years of fearless independent journalism today!

‘On behalf of the entire Rebel team, I thank you, and I promise you that in return, we'll keep working hard to live up to your expectations.’

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I can't believe it — today is the eighth anniversary of Rebel News! I remember our first video: it was literally filmed in my living room! Do you remember this?

I think I've aged 20 years in the eight years since that video!

We've done a lot since then — publishing close to 40,000 videos and even more written news stories. And we've grown from a handful of Rebels into a Rebel army with dozens of staff across Canada and even around the world.

And we've lived up to our promise to tell the other side of the story, which was the whole point. To provide an antidote to what I call the Media Party — the think-alikes at the CBC, the Globe and Mail and the rest of them.

Whether it's sending Sheila Gunn Reid to the UN's global warming conferences or sending Avi Yemini (and me) to the World Economic Forum, or our peerless coverage of the trucker convoy across Canada, we've often provided a point of view you just can't find anywhere else.

No wonder Justin Trudeau hates us.

But when a bully like Trudeau denounces you, and has his bodyguards beat you up (as they did to our David Menzies), it's a sign that we're speaking truth to power in a way that's making a real difference.

And that may be our greatest legacy.

We tell the other side of the story. But every once in a while, we know in our bones that we have to stop just reporting the news and actually get involved to help fix the world.

Like our crowdfunding campaign to provide civil liberties lawyers for Pastor Artur Pawlowski and many other people abused by the lockdowns and our battle against vaccine mandates and pandemic lockdowns.

Back when we started in 2015, I never would have dreamed that we'd become the largest independent news company in Canada; or that we'd have millions of fans around the world.

And it's all thanks to you.

When YouTube demonetized us for having the wrong opinions, you were there to help us survive without them.

When Trudeau banned us from attending the election debates, you were there to help us beat him in court.

Every time we stumble, you are there to pick us up. And on behalf of the entire Rebel team, I thank you, and I promise you that in return, we'll keep working hard to live up to your expectations.

So join with me in a toast to eight successful years of speaking truth to power, of fearlessly telling the other side of the story, and occasionally just plain suing Justin Trudeau and his cronies.

Most news media in Canada take subsidies from Trudeau.

We'll never take his dirty money because you can't be a real journalist if you're paid by a politician. You just can't.

Which is why I'd like to invite you to celebrate our eighth anniversary by making a gift to help us keep going. Do it to send a message to Trudeau, and to Pfizer, and to Klaus Schwab, and all the other bullies we fight against every day.

Do it to spite them. And do it out of love for what Canada could be and should be — a land of freedom and justice and prosperity.

Please go to HappyBirthdayRebel.com and help us celebrate our eighth birthday by making an $8 gift. Or if you can, $80 dollars. Or if you really want to stick it to Trudeau, $800.

I promise that we'll put that to good use — by fighting for freedom every day.

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