Hiring Huawei exec damages Conservative Party credibility on China policies | Spencer Fernando

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Erin O'Toole's rise to become leader of the Conservative Party of Canada was based on the idea that O'Toole was the so-called “true blue” counter to Peter MacKay's more “red Tory” approach to politics. One key focus for O'Toole throughout the race and following his ascension to leader has been on Canada's policy towards the Chinese Communist Party.

O'Toole even ran a petition on his website in an effort to have Huawei, China's largest telecommunications company from Canada. But with the hiring of a former Huawei executive to an integral part of his campaign team, that petition has disappeared.

Independant Canadian journalist Spencer Fernando joined yesterday's edition of The Ezra Levant Show with guest host Keean Bexte to discuss the Conservative leader's decision to bring on the former Huawei executive, and the problem this presents when O'Toole or party members try to criticize Prime Minister Justin Trudeau or his Liberal Party MPs for taking too soft of an approach on China:

That's one area where they [the Conservative Party and Erin O'Toole] had the total moral and political high ground over the Liberals was on China. I mean, you just get Liberal MPs to basically vote against Trudeau — against what Trudeau wanted, kind of embarrassing him and the Liberal Party. And then after months of anti-Huawei, anti-China rhetoric you go and hire someone who worked for them.

I know people say he's not a bad guy — I'm sure he's not a bad guy, you know. It's fine. But you're just messing up your own messaging that way, then expecting your own party supporters to go and be like, 'oh well it's totally different when the Conservatives hire someone from there than if the Liberals did.

It's just embarrassing to make that argument.

For more of Spencer's work, you can follow him on Twitter or at his website, www.SpencerFernando.com.

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