INTERVIEW: 'Gays Against Groomers' founder Jaimee Michell

The LBGT community is not a monolith, and many within it are equally appalled by the entirely inappropriate content that children are being exposed to under the smoke screens of gay pride and tolerance.

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You have no doubt seen the incredibly shocking scenes emerging from Pride parades and drag queen presentations across North America, featuring completely inappropriate content at events advertised as friendly for all ages.

Grown men and woman twerking in little and often no clothing, in public, in front of children, should merit a police response and charges. Sadly, the police and even politicians who are charged with creating and upholding the laws of the land are often taking part in these lewd events.

To be clear, these criticisms have nothing to do with sexual orientation.

In fact, if you were straight and did the very same things in any context other than an LGBT event, you would almost surely be arrested. Regardless of what you may be attracted to, exposing children to lewd conduct, nudity and age-inappropriate sexualized agendas is just plain wrong.

Activists and their so-called allies continue to normalize these overtly vulgar activities. Shockingly and inexplicably, some parents also continue to bring their vulnerable children to these types of events, while those of us looking on from the real world retreat in horror.

Unfortunately, aside from the children who are likely scarred for life, another group is taking a lot of flack based on the actions of these seeming pedophiles and groomers: the gay community.

The LBGT community is not a monolith, and you will be pleased to know that many within it are equally appalled by the entirely inappropriate content that children are being exposed to under the smoke screens of gay pride and tolerance.

Jaimee Michell, the creator of Gays Against Groomers, has seen viral growth and support on social media as she attempts to tackle the inaccurate depiction of the gay community as depraved victimizers of children. She, and many of her supporters, have criticized and called for an end to the free pass that has been given to LGBT advocates who continue to expose kids to sexualized content.

Jaimee believes that most members of the gay community want to simply be left alone to live their lives, and that the shocking content that we are seeing at schools, libraries and pride parades alike drives a lot of undeserved hate towards the gay community. Jaimee also believes that trans-advocates pushing for children to transition is also child abuse which must be stopped.

While most of us likely know that the nude twerking octogenarian degenerate exposing himself to children is not representative of gays across the board, it is encouraging to see that members of the gay community are equally repulsed by the grooming and sexualization of children that is being carried out under the rainbow banner. I was honoured to have Jaimee join me to discuss these important issues for an exclusive and world-first video interview.

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