Justice ministry busted withholding documents from Rebel News

Blacklock's Reporter has obtained documents on communications between Arif Virani's ministry and the Governor General's office the Justice Department previously told Rebel News did not exist.

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A previous access filing by Rebel News into the Department of Justice regarding the attendance of Virani at Rideau Hall for a roundtable on the Minister's proposed censorship law, the Online Harms bill returned no records.

In hosting that event, Governor General Mary Simon abused her non-partisan role to engage in the promotion of the not-yet-passed Bill C-63 through an event featuring some of the bill's strongest proponents, including the Public Health Agency's Theresa Tam, unemployed TikTok reporter Rachel Gilmore, and publicly-funded trans activist, hoster of bleakly attended press conferences and frequent occupying invader of female-exclusive spaces, Fae Johnstone. To sign the petition calling for Simon's removal, visit www.FireSimon.ca

The minister said he was at the Governor General's April 11 Symposium on "Building a Safe and Respectful Digital World" for "lunch," and the topic of his flagship legislation  the one the event was meant to promote  was purely incidental. He claimed no formal role in the event.

The excuse from the Justice Department and the lack of supporting records was unbelievable, given the Health ministry has taken a three-month extension to turn over documents relating to Tam's appearance at the same event, thanks to a glut of records.

The Trudeau government lies and schemes so much that they can't keep their stories straight, giving one outlet documents they told another don't exist.

A report Tuesday by Blacklock's Reporter reveals that the Justice Department has withheld relevant documents about Virani's attendance at the Governor General's partisan event from Rebel News.

According to records disclosed to Blacklock's, Governor General Mary Simon had staff contact Attorney General Arif Virani’s deputy before holding a conference supporting a Liberal bill on internet censorship. On February 15, Governor General staffers contacted Attorney General Virani’s second-in-command as part of “informal information sharing with colleagues working on issues related to digital respect.”

Those records documenting those communications were illegally withheld from Rebel News. An appeal of the improper hiding of documents has already been filed.

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