“Somebody wanted to kill us”: Lug nuts allegedly loosened on Pastor Artur's truck

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The Pawlowski family has been subject to extensive harassment and even criminal activity in the months since Pastor Artur’s daunting roadside arrest. Beyond the brutal treatment endured by Pastor Artur during his arrest and the time he spent in jail, potentially the most dramatic experiences have come at the hands of fellow citizens. Pastor Artur has repeatedly stated that Premier Jason Kenney, Health Minister Tyler Shandro and the mainstream media, among others, are responsible for stoking the hatred that has led to these acts of violence, and his wife Marzena agrees.

The discrimination commenced with acts of vandalism at Pastor Artur’s church, including nails, garbage, horse manure and dog feces being spread throughout the church parking lot, in addition to an alleged attempted break-in at the church. Soon after, a fire was started at the Pawlowski residence in the middle of the night. One week later, Pastor Artur was shopping with his daughter at a grocery store when he was allegedly assaulted.

Most recently, the Pawlowskis informed us that they suspect that someone loosened the bolts on their truck.

Fortunately, no one was injured, but all of the bolts on one wheel came off at once, very suspiciously. Marzena also relayed that police suspected the tire may also have been slashed. This apparent act of extremely dangerous vandalism occurred one day prior to the March for Jesus in Calgary, and Marzena would have been driving with her children on Sunday had a friend not happened to have taken the vehicle to wash it for her prior to the march.

Pastor Artur has been in the United States on a speaking engagement and so was not at home during this incident. We obtained footage of the Pawlowskis’ encounter with police when they visited the scene to investigate. The officers repeatedly asked what Marzena wanted them to do, which was rather alarming considering the string of targeted attacks against the family. Marzena asked them to do their jobs and open an investigation. The police keep saying, “we are just doing our jobs” when they are arresting pastors — ostensibly this is not the case when the Pawlowskis call.

If even half of these alleged incidents prove to be true, this is targeted discrimination on a level that merits a meaningful response from the authorities. What the Pawlowski family has received in response is relative indifference. Politicians who rightly rushed to Twitter to condemn vandalism at other religious institutions have been utterly silent in their condemnation of outright bigotry and violence directed against the Pawlowski family.

I joined Marzena for an update on the family's tribulations, their mistreatment by authorities and mainstream media, and their persevering hope through faith.

If you want to help Pastor Artur's fight for freedom, visit SaveArtur.com now.

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