Mainstream media believes Trudeau campaign lie about bus blocking — reality shows otherwise

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During a campaign stop at a seniors home in British Columbia, a group of protesters gathered in front of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's bus as he boarded, forcing an approximate half hour delay in his departure. This story, however, didn't make the mainstream media. Just Rebel News and a small environmental group called Dogwood.

The latter drew a response from Global News chief political correspondent David Akin on Twitter, who alleged that both right and left-wing outlets stretch the truth, and this was another instance of such an occurrence.

Except for one problem: this wasn't true.

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Ezra did his best to pin down why the journalists embedded with the Trudeau campaign — like David Akin — didn't report this story.

Speculating on the reason, Ezra said:

Akin says he left late because Trudeau was spending so much time with seniors! And you know we’d never bury a story like that!

Yeah, no. He wasn’t with seniors. That was a lie from Trudeau to the journalists. He was on the bus. Mocha saw him. He was rattled. His team of professional liars made the lie and told it to the journalists. Who accepted it.

I don’t really blame David Akin, my old friend, for believing a lie.

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