'They are on payroll': Patrick Brown and team falsely claim Rebel News is working with Poilievre campaign

After being disqualified from the Conservative leadership race, Brown claimed that Rebel News lodged a complaint against him.

'They are on payroll': Patrick Brown and team falsely claim Rebel News working with Poilievre campaign
@yeshwa_younas / Twitter
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Disqualified candidate for Conservative Party of Canada Patrick Brown has claimed that Rebel News has been working with the Pierre Poilievre campaign and was part of the effort to get him tossed out of the race.

“They've been working very closely supporting Pierre Poilievre's campaign,” Brown claimed while speaking to radio host Evan Solomon, citing other failed leaders Erin O'Toole and Andrew Scheer as examples to support his condemnation of Rebel News.

In the same interview, Brown claimed Rebel News “lodged a complaint against [him]” and that Rebel News “was part of this,” in regards to his disqualification from the leadership race. 

While it is unclear due to the vagueness of his statements what Brown is specifically referring to, in the simplest interpretation both of these claims are false.

Rebel News has not been “working very closely supporting Pierre Poilievre's campaign,” by any reasonable definition.

As a matter of fact, Mr. Poilievre has only engaged in field interviews with Rebel News, while candidates Leslyn Lewis and Roman Baber have both had one-on-one interviews with Rebel News CEO Ezra Levant.

As well, Rebel News has not issued any formal complaints to the Conservative Party of Canada regarding Patrick Brown or any other candidate. There have been no complaints filed about any candidates in regards to the Conservative leadership race.

In addition to Brown's claims, staffer Yeshwa Younas has also lobbed false claims against Rebel News, stating on Twitter “They are not doing journalism. They are on payroll by @PierrePoilievre Campaighn. [sic]

Younas appears to be the executive assistant to Brown in his role as mayor of Brampton, Ont. Brown's disqualification followed Rebel News investigation into allegations that his staffers at the mayor's office were working on his leadership campaign while being paid by the city.

Unequivocally, neither Rebel News nor any of its staff are paid by Pierre Poilievre, his campaign or anything of the like.

Despite stone-casting at outside sources and news outlets, Brown and his team appear to have internal issues on their hands, according the president of the Conservative Party, Robert Batherson.

When asked if the allegations against Patrick Brown came from within the Poilievre campaign/camp, Batherson responded “No, the allegations came from within Mr. Brown's camp.”

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