Privacy protection is awry at the Public Health Agency of Canada

Health necromancer Theresa Tam accelerates behaviour modification techniques while repeatedly infringing on Canadians privacy rights.

Privacy protection is awry at the Public Health Agency of Canada
The Canadian Press / Adrian Wyld
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The Office of the Privacy Commissioner (OPC) is unaware that the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) is seeking to monitor the online activity of the vaccine hesitant.

OPC spokesperson Tobi Cohen said in a statement that the commission is “not aware of any interactions between our office and PHAC on this specific initiative,” as reported by the Epoch Times.

“We remind all institutions that the Privacy Act protects personal information even when it is publicly available, and that institutions are not allowed to collect personal information that is not directly related to an operating program or activity,” Cohen advised. 

The tender notice published by the Government of Canada stipulates that the PHAC intends to hire an internet consultant to monitor Canadians' online conversations “in preparation for increased vaccination education, promotion, and outreach.” 

The consultant is instructed to analyze vaccine-related conversations and who participated in them on social media giants such as Twitter, Reddit, Blogs, Forums and News, “spanning up to three years of historical data.” 

The Statement of Work (SOW) details two studies to be conducted by the consultant.

Titled “Conversation and Audience Analysis,” the first study will focus on “Social Listening, Audience Network Mapping and Analysis,” and “Applying an Audience Lens to the Data.” 

The second study is called “Fall Booster Campaign Analysis” that will analyze PHAC’s most recent campaign performance. 

The Advance Contract Award Notice (ACAN) estimates that total value of the contract should not exceed $339,000 and lists PULSAR Platform as a proposed, pre-identified contractor. 

PULSAR describes itself as an “audience intelligence company” that “helps organizations understand their audiences and creates messages that matter to them, by combining conversational and behavioral data from the world’s leading digital sources, with vertical AI, and smart human minds.” 

They have mapped the #newnormal

Other public health researchers use Pulsar to “analyze global health topics,” as outlined by one case study review of the firm. 

The tender notice has been the subject of trolls as three business partner submissions appear to have been submitted. One company called itself “PsyOp analytics and operations.” 

They promise to “single-handedly find a way to make your targets comply with any order given to them by their benevolent masters! Most of them are resistant, but malleable with the right strategy! The minority who resist will be taken out by your own forces!” 

The submitter, Stefan Gatinski, who describes himself as Master/Oligarch, further details that “we can use theta burst TMS to completely erase their memories, leaving a blank slate for imprinting! The old will be recycled into fertilizer using the MAID program! We will have a SarCo pod on every street corner!” 

Theresa Tam, who is Chief Medical Officer of Health at PHAC, is already actively using behavioural science to “nudge” Canadians into compliance. 

Health overlords have capitalized on the COVID-19 pandemic to execute exercises in behaviour modification techniques using industrial strength mind control

This comes on the tails of an investigation into PHAC’s privacy infringement on the personal mobility data of Canadians. 

In April of 2020 PHAC hired BlueDot, a private company, to track and monitor Canadians personal cellphone data to ensure their compliance with COVID-related public health measures, after they bought the data from Telus.

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