Jewish students in London are 'terrified,' harassed for being visibly Jewish, says local rabbi

Rabbi Moshe Friedman says he has never felt worried about living as a Jew in the United Kingdom — until the past three weeks.

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At the Alliance for Responsible Citizenship (ARC) conference in London, I spoke with Rabbi Moshe Friedman about alarming rising antisemitism in the West and whether or not Jews may actually be safer in a war zone

While reporting on the frontlines of the Israel-Hamas war last month, my cameraman Benji and I experienced close calls with rockets being fired from the Gaza Strip at Israeli cities and towns. But I've felt more unsafe walking around major cities where enormous protests in support of Palestine — that are silent on the issue of terrorism — are taking place.

"I'm not surprised that you feel that way," said Rabbi Friedman, who is a senior educator on London postsecondary campuses. "And frankly, between you and me and whoever's listening, my family and I are seriously discussing moving back to Israel. Because you're right, at least we know the winds won't change over there. It'll be a Jewish state and they'll protect the Jewish people. Here, who knows anymore."

Rabbi Friedman has been in London for six years, but told me that the past three weeks are the first time he's felt worried about living openly as a Jewish person in England. 

According to Rabbi Friedman, Jewish students across London campuses are being harassed by their peers simply for looking Jewish — without any connection to their views on Israel. "They are terrified," he said. Professors across all disciplines are condemning Israeli actions in Gaza without any mention of the atrocities that Hamas committed in its October 7th attack. 

"Education is supposed to teach you how to think, not what to think. These people are confirming all the worst biases these students have. It's so, so tragic," said Rabbi Friedman. 

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