“Restaurants Against the Great Reset” protest against business restrictions in Vancouver

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Justin Trudeau chose to misinform Canadians by dismissing the public's — and some Conservative MPs’ — concerns about the World Economic Forum’s plans for a global “Great Reset” as a conspiracy theory.

But as is the case with many of the statements that come out of Trudeau’s mouth, many are not buying it. This includes about 100 protesters in Vancouver, who recently gathered in solidarity of restaurant owners whose businesses have been threatened by British Columbia’s latest COVID-19 restrictions, which ban indoor dining even for restaurants with no patio space.

The protest, called “Restaurants Against the Great Reset,” was organized by Rebecca Matthews. Matthews is a mom of four who co-owns a woodsy, chic restaurant with her husband called Corduroy, which has been temporarily closed since they stood up against public health restrictions by serving diners indoors. We are currently helping Matthews by connecting her with free legal counsel to be able to open her doors again, and then to challenge the government on their policies, with the help of our supporters’ donations to our Fight the Fines civil liberties charity.

Matthews and the other protesters believe that the ongoing restrictions on small and medium businesses, regardless of whether or not the locations have a great COVID-19 plan or have been linked to any outbreaks, align with the vision of Klaus Schwab. Schwab is the founder of the World Economic Forum, which has a strategic partnership with the United Nations, and has promoted the idea that the world needs a “Great Reset.” Can you blame these pro-business protesters for how they are connecting the dots after Trudeau said himself that “this pandemic is an opportunity for a reset"?

If you need more info about what the Great Reset is, including on how it promotes a world where you will own nothing, and the belief that the world needs to be depopulated to thrive, you can check out Sheila Gunn Reid’s interview with Michelle Stirling from Friends of Science.

We need all hands on deck when it comes to fighting for the liberties of Canadians. That’s why we invite you to donate whatever you can at FightTheFines.com, so we can continue to provide free top-notch lawyers to hundreds of Canadians who need our help resisting medical tyranny.

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