“Stand up, speak up!” Hundreds gather at Vancouver protest against medical transitioning of children 

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Around 300 Canadians gathered at the Vancouver Art Gallery over the weekend to protest against the medical transitioning of children and the presence of gender ideology in school.

The protest was also in solidarity with the B.C. father known as C.D., who has been jailed for speaking out about the medical transitioning of his biologically female child that is being done without his consent.

The B.C. Supreme Court seems to be setting a new precedent regarding parental rights in Canada, through cases like C.D.’s, as well as A.M. vs. her child’s general practitioner, which involved this mother having to file for an injunction to prevent her child’s breasts from being removed without her consent. 

Meanwhile, the United Kingdom has been forced to acknowledge that a discussion needs to be had regarding such practices. One of the main people speaking out about this issue is Keira Bell, who transitioned as a child and then took legal action against the system that allowed her to do so, after she grew up and regretted her transition.

Despite such cases being well publicized, many of Vancouver’s mainstream media, the City of Vancouver and even a union called IATSE Local 891 labelled the Vancouver protest an “anti-transgender event,” implying that it was hateful in nature.

Pastor Paul Dirks, the rally’s organizer, feels the protest had nothing to do with hate, but rather standing up against medical malpractice. One of the rally’s speakers was a transgender advocate for at-risk children named Jenn Smith, and there was also a statement from Hacsi Horvath, who formerly identified as transgender. 

But none of this was enough to stop angry counter-protesters who believed the narrative being pushed by these organizations from throwing things into the crowd, trying to drown out the speeches with noise, removing their clothing, and grabbing my microphone while I tried to bring you the other side of the story.

Click to watch the full report, where I interview Jenn Smith, as well as MP Derek Sloan and People’s Party of Canada leader Maxime Bernier, who also spoke at the rally. 

And please donate what you can to JournalistDefenceFund.com to help us recoup the cost of keeping our journalists safe against radical counter-protesters like those who attended this protest.

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  • By Ezra Levant


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