Surgeon in legal fight against British Columbia's vax mandates for healthcare workers

Dr. York Hsiang and his wife Beverly sat down with Rebel News to discuss a new legal fight against Dr. Bonnie Henry's mandates restricting healthcare workers.

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Dr. York Hsiang and his wife Beverly are the exact type of healthcare workers we were banging our pots and pans to praise at 7pm in 2020.

Flash forward two years later, when much of the world is COVID restriction free, and British Columbia still has public “health” mandates preventing a vascular surgeon like York and a retired nurse like Beverly from saving lives in certain settings like hospitals due to their vaccination status’s.

As if that’s not mind boggling enough, such mandates are still being enforced while BC’s healthcare system is crumbling primarily due to lacking staff and high burn out rates. I guess BC’s public health officer Dr. Henry who has the power to end such unreasonable mandates but keeps them in place, really meant what she said when she admitted to having “very little patience for people who are not immunized in healthcare.”

The question is, what will be left of BC’s healthcare system, and the citizens who rely on it, if such a degree of intolerance for hard working and healthy medical professionals continues to prevail?

Thankfully, there are some forces ready to fight back against such mandates straining our already broken healthcare system.

In this report I sit down and interview Dr. Hsiang, who still serves as a Professor of Vascular Surgery at the University of British Columbia and his wife Beverly who gave 20 years of her working career to care for Canadians prior to retirement, about an exciting new legal fight against the mandates restricting healthcare workers from working in certain health settings.

A legal petition for a judicial hearing to have a judge review such mandates was filed on June 10, and Dr. Hsiang is one of the three of the vaccine mandate challenge's plaintiffs.

It’s a costly challenge, but a key part of the fight to get the thousands of healthcare worker in BC who are still forbidden from contributing to the province's healthcare system back to work. The Canadian Society for Science & Ethics in Medicine, which is the non-profit organization bringing the challenge forward, has set up a donation page for those who wish to help contribute to their ongoing fight.

You can also chip in to help our charity partners at The Democracy Fund continue to take on vaccine related freedom fights like the legal challenge against B.C.’s vaccine passport on which we are still waiting for judgment, please donate what you can at All donations made through our website are tax deductible.

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