Swedish PM announces resignation following defeat to nationalist opposition

Magdalena Andersson recently admitted that the country's immigration policies are a failure.

Swedish PM announces resignation following defeat to nationalist opposition
AP Photo/Paul White
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Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson has announced her resignation after conceding defeat to the opposition, which surged in the polls thanks to nationwide support for a nationalist party. 

Andersson, who was appointed Sweden’s first female prime minister in 2021, said she intends to submit her official resignation on Thursday.

“If Ulf Kristersson’s alternative doesn’t hold, I am ready to lead,” Andersson stated, referring to the leader of the opposition bloc. She noted that she intends to continue her position as the leader of the Social Democrats. “Sweden will be only one or two votes away from a government crisis.”

Andersson previously admitted that the country's immigration policies had failed. She later pledged to dismantle the country's ethnic ghettos in response to growing uproar over the surge in crime stemming from the migrant-dominated communities. 

Her announcement comes as the country’s election authority is set to release the full vote count from the national election, which took place on Sunday. A surge in popularity for the anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats propelled the opposition bloc, led by Moderate Party leader Ulf Kristersson, Bloomberg reported Wednesday. 

The opposition party garnered massive support from Swedes tired of the country’s ongoing violence in cities, which has been largely attributed to the Scandinavian nation’s lax immigration policies. 

“I am now starting the process to form a new, forceful government for all of Sweden and all citizens,” Kristersson said in an announcement published on social media. “There is a large frustration in society: fear over violence, worries about the economy. The world is very uncertain and the political polarization have become too large, even in Sweden.”

Following Andersson’s defeat, Kristersson currently stands as the top candidate for prime minister as a government led by nationalist leader Jimmie lesson would likely see strong opposition from other members of parliament. 

“The Swedish people have voted for change,” Akesson said on Facebook. “The process to make Sweden nice again starts. It is time to start rebuilding the safety, welfare and cohesion. It is time to put Sweden first.”

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