Justice Centre joins Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights to fight Trudeau's gun grab in Federal Court

Justice Centre joins Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights to fight Trudeau's gun grab in Federal Court
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The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms has announced this morning that they have applied to intervene in the Federal Court legal action commenced by the Canadian Coalition of Firearm Rights in support of their case alleging that Justin Trudeau's gun grab is unconstitutional.

The JCCF published a press release this morning explaining their goal:

The Justice Centre’s intervention application will focus on the Constitution’s allocation of legislative power to Parliament, and the Constitution’s inherent safeguards which are intended to prevent the tyranny of a government that operates independently of democratically-elected representatives. The Justice Centre is preparing its intervention application and will release further details in the days ahead.

CCFR: Gun ban “fundamentally unjust”

In May, we reported on the CCFR's plan to take the government's “fundamentally unjust” gun ban to court. In a press release, the CCFR said:

We will ask the Court to rule on whether or not the government has the right to deprive us of our liberty, or our property, on penalty of incarceration, on fundamentally irrational grounds.

As an additional argument beyond issues of liberty, while the government is clearly authorized by section 117.15 of the Criminal Code of Canada to make regulations classifying firearms, we say their use of that authority in this instance is irrational with no foundation in the factual circumstances of Canadian society. Such an arbitrary exercise of legislative process is abusive, contrary to the principles of fundamental justice, and must be struck down. We will ask the Court to do this as well.

At the time, the CCFR advertised their General Counsel as Michael Loberg of Loberg Law and Laura Warner of JSS Barristers, and now the Justice Centre is throwing their support in too.

Legislation introduced through Order In Council

Justin Trudeau announced that 1,500 models manufactured for civilian use would be made illegal through an Order in Council, which circumvents parliamentary debate.

The House of Commons has been closed due to COVID-19 since March.

While Trudeau calls some of these 1,500 models “military-grade assault-style firearms”, assault-style firearms have already been banned in Canada for decades.

The joint announcement was made by the Prime Minister and Public Safety Minister Bill Blair as part of a New Zealand style response to the Nova Scotia massacre.

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