U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visits Taiwan — was that the right decision?

Nancy Pelosi's recent visit to Taiwan made massive waves and significantly heightened tensions with China. Was it a prudent move?

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On last night's episode of the Ezra Levant Show, we examined the consequences of Nancy Pelosi's recent visit to Taiwan and discussed whether or not the visit was a prudent move.

Providing a breakdown of the situation and offering his thoughts, Ezra said:

It wasn't even a two day trip by Nancy Pelosi, the octogenarian Speaker of the House. One of the longest serving Democrats in the congress. She flew to Taiwan and there's some websites out there that you can actually track flights in real time.

Over 300,000 people were riveted by that and were tracking her plane as it came in to Taiwan. There were a lot of reasons for that curiosity; just the novelty of tracking a plane, and also there were even some mild threats by some Chinese propagandists online that maybe they would shoot down that plane.

Could you imagine, had they done that? But the fact that they put that propaganda out there shows their bellicosity.

A U.S. aircraft carrier was apparently tasked to head closer to Taiwan. But the reaction from mainland China, the People's Republic of China, was the most extreme I think I've ever seen.

They had massive drills and they leaked images of them, propaganda images online. When I say leaked, it's because they normally cover those things up and they censor them on social media. They wanted the world to know how mad they were. Land, sea and air; they had enormous batteries of trucks and military vehicles on the Chinese coast opposite Taiwan. They had naval exercises — remember, China has just debuted a new aircraft carrier — and they sent fighter jets around Taiwan.

So they encircled Taiwan when Nancy Pelosi was there, they had tough language, and I saw one economic ripple that was attributed to Nancy Pelosi's visit. A major Chinese company that was going to open a battery factory in the United States put that on hold.

Now, was this a wise decision for Nancy Pelosi to go? Believe it or not, the Biden White House and the State Department distanced themselves from Pelosi. The official American position is the same as Canada's official position, which is one of ambiguity — not formally recognizing Taiwan as an independent country. And I don't think Nancy Pelosi actually did that by the way. She's not the first Speaker of the House to visit Taiwan. Newt Gingrich did did that too. But that was about 25 years ago, when China was a lot weaker economically and militarily. Now China is pretty much on par with the United States economically, and militarily they're behind, but they're catching up quickly.

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