Wokeness is killing policing

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This week the jury rendered their verdict in the George Floyd/Derek Chauvin case. Chauvin was convicted on all charges and, pending an appeal, appears set to do some serious time behind bars. And yet, despite the conviction, the media continues to drum-up racial hatred by pushing a narrative using these incidents as political talking points.

The divisive narrative being pushed by politicians and the media was the topic for Ezra's monologue on yesterday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show.

Speaking about how the media delivers these talking points to their audiences, Ezra said:

CTV is outraged about police brutality in the United States. I wonder if their opinion about that 12 year old being pushed by the cop in Gravenhurst, Ontario — I wonder if their opinion would have been a little fiercer if the kid were black.

Here's Calgary's police telling you how much they care about George Floyd — you know they do.

Thank's for virtue signalling from 1,000 miles away lads. But, um, do you have anything to say about your own police who swore at, attacked, assaulted, [threatened to Taser] a young man just for skating on an outdoor ice rink? Anything to say about that, guys?

Do you have anything to say about sending your cops into a church during Easter weekend? Do you have anything to say about that? Or just things in a different country?

Policing is broken. Police are too often being used as political errand boys by politicians, especially during the lockdown. And they're demonized for fighting criminals when that's what we hire them to do — what we need them to do.

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