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Alberta's Chris Scott keeps the peace after being followed in British Columbia

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One of Canada’s favorite freedom defending restaurateurs, Whistle Stop Cafe owner Christ Scott, put his recent Fight The Fines win to good use, and travelled from Mirror, Alberta to Vancouver, British Columbia, where I caught up with him for an update.

Scott has had an intense battle to try and live free, despite authorities temporarily closing his doors, and forbidding his right to peacefully protest.

Back in May, he was even jailed for three days after hosting a protest. But thanks to the generous donations people continue to make at, Scott has never been alone in the fight. Rebel News has been able to partner with The Democracy Fund to retain one of Canada’s finest lawyers, Chad Williamson from Williamson Law in Calgary, to be right by Scott’s side defending him in court.

The most recent win in Scott’s battle resulted in the bizarre compelled speech and travel ban on Scott being set aside by an appeals judge, Justice Jo'Anne Strekaf, which what made the opportunity to catch up with Scott during his travels all the more special.

Watch my interview with Scott above, where he explains why it was important for him to hit the road, what business is like at the Whistle Stop Cafe today and what’s next for him in the courts.

Rebel News has partnered with The Democracy Fund so that this registered Canadian charity could take on 2,000 civil liberty cases at zero costs to individuals like Chris Scott. As with Scott's case, many of these legal battles are still on going, and we can’t help any of them without you. Please donate what you can — all donations made at are eligible for a charitable tax receipt, thanks to The Democracy Fund.

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