This is the Great Reset | Spencer Fernando on Andrew Says 20

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Spencer Fernando is a writer and Campaign Fellow with the National Citizens Coalition, who operates his own independent news site,

As more 'conspiracies' come true by the day, Spencer isn't ready to count anything out. "Nothing surprises me anymore," he joked, when asked if the new police powers recently granted by the Ontario government could have been a smoke screen. "Maybe a better conspiracy would be that the Ford government could coordinate something this big," he continued.

On today's Andrew Says, Spencer and Andrew discuss the "Great Reset," Erin O'Toole's new climate change plan, and how Canadian conservatives have dropped the ball in regards to civil rights and censorship.

Exclusively on RebelNews+, Spencer takes a dive into police oversight, recent incidents of police abuse, and the role of news media in promoting lockdowns and increased police powers, despite spinning a different, parallel narrative at the same time.

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