From BLM to MAGA: Politics in the UFC | TJ Laramie (UFC featherweight) Andrew Says 32

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T.J. Laramie is a UFC featherweight competitor from Windsor, Ontario who vaulted his way into the UFC through the Dana White Contender Series, and has been outspoken about sweeping lockdowns, travel restrictions and the treatment certain professional athletes have received from the government.

Laramie sat down for an in-studio episode of Andrew Says to discuss the difficulties of travelling and training during lockdowns, and the vast difference between how athletes have been treated in the U.S. versus Canada. T.J. ended up receiving a $6,200 fine when he tried to return to his hometown after a stint of training in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Canada's quarantine exemptions apparently do not include UFC fighters, despite numerous other exemptions for professional athletes. T.J. explains his horrible experience at the border and gives exclusive stories from behind the scenes in the UFC, including how others reacted to one fighter's push to talk about Black Lives Matter.

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