Children's hospitals across North America see surges in respiratory illness after pandemic closures

Children who have had their immune systems bubble-wrapped by the unfounded fears of adults suffering from severe hypochondria for the better part of two full years are now suffering devastating and potentially long-lasting effects.

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Throughout the COVID narrative, we have seen that the measures imposed indiscriminately on the general public have disproportionately harmed the development of children. And that trend continues still, as evidenced by the overwhelming hospitalization rates seen across North America at various children’s hospitals.

The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) in Toronto, Ontario is one of Canada’s largest and most prestigious children’s teaching hospitals. They're reporting a record number of Emergency Department (ED) visits in the last few weeks.

In a statement provided to CP24 by SickKids, they said that they typically plan for 220 to 230 patients at the ED per day.

Conflict of interest-riddled and COVID zero dogmatist David Fisman — who went so far as to petition the federal government to lock Canadians down even harder — alleged on Twitter that he had an anonymous colleague tip him off that there were 300 kids in the pediatric ER at SickKids on October 26.

Fisman has been a clear leader in misinformation by pushing inaccurate and faulty modeling predictions, including a study that essentially advocated for the segregation of vaccinated and unvaccinated populations, so I take what he has to say with a grain of salt. 

But what he says is not an anomaly.

All over North America, children’s hospitals are seeing an alarming increase in respiratory illness in children.

It’s almost as though the vaccine pushers who ignore Pfizer’s own trial data, which showed an alarming increase in illness and death post-COVID-19 injection compared to the placebo group, thought that a revolving door of ineffective and harmful injections was a good idea.

Especially when ample real world evidence is reinforcing what actual experts have been saying all along — that natural immunity is far superior than artificial, vaccine-induced immunity. Like the study from the New England Journal of Medicine that found that children injected with COVID-19 shots actually had their natural immunity destroyed, while their unvaccinated counterparts held onto their robust natural immunity for exponentially longer. 

It’s almost as though these poor children, who have had their immune systems bubble-wrapped by the unfounded fears of adults suffering from severe hypochondria for the better part of two full years, are now suffering the devastating and potentially long-lasting effects of not having consistent, real-life boosters. And I'm referring to those regular, natural boosts to their immune systems found through simple interaction in everyday society. 

And perhaps masking — which has been proven to have negative psychological effects on children — is to blame for not only hindering their emotional and cognitive development, but also having devastating affects on the respiratory heath of those re-breathing their own water vapour, carbon dioxide and other chemical compositions found in exhaled breath.

To add insult to injury, SickKids is still riddled with staffing shortages as seen in September and early October.

That’s the same time that hospitals across Canada decided to broadly enforce vaccine mandate policies that did not allow for accommodations or exemptions and fired, terminated or otherwise put on leave healthy staff.

All in all, the CP24 article espouses the idea that “Children who are contracting [these respiratory illnesses] were previously shielded by COVID-19 health restrictions and are now exposed to it for the first time.”

But did the COVID-19 health restrictions really shield these children? Or did they create the problem?

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