Passport delays continue to frustrate Canadians as Service Canada struggles with demand

As people gear up to travel again, long lines and chaos continue unabated at passport offices across the country.

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On Friday's episode of Rebel Roundup, David Menzies was joined by Rebel News' Alexa Lavoie to discuss the ongoing inability of Service Canada to sufficiently handle the supposed uptick in passport renewal requests as travel restrictions are loosened.

Long lines and chaos at various passport offices across the country demonstrate the headaches that many Canadians have had to endure in order to get their passports renewed and be able to travel again.

As previously detailed by Rebel News, more than half of Service Canada employees are supposedly still working from home. Whether or not this 'work-from-home' model for thousands of government employees is behind the passport delays remains to be seen, however as delays and frustrations continue to mount, the optics of it certainly aren't ideal.

As reported by CTV News, while addressing the passport backlog, Canada's Families, Children and Social Development Minister Karina Gould stated that it's "going to take time. Believe me, I wish it was sooner rather than later. I completely understand the frustration that Canadians are facing right now. I can’t, unfortunately, give you that date. What I can give you is assurance that this is my number one priority. [I’m] losing a lot of sleep over it.”

This is just an excerpt from the full episode of Rebel Roundup.

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  • By Sheila Gunn Reid

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