UPDATES: What’s new at Western University?

From following an anti-conservative account on Twitter, to demonstrating hypocrisy in regards to mandates, here is everything you need to know to stay in the loop with Western University’s absolute nonsense of an administration.

UPDATES: What’s new at Western University?
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A few weeks ago, Western University announced it would be requiring its students and faculty members to have three doses of the COVID-19 vaccine in order to simply be present on campus. 

Indeed, all students and staff were then told they would be required to wear medical-grade masks in all classrooms and seminar rooms, “with the exception of those who can remain two metres apart.” The university said it would then “reassess the need for masking beyond the Thanksgiving weekend, with the goal to lift the mask mandate as soon as possible.”

Then, shortly after, on August 31, Western’s student council reportedly voted down a motion that would oppose the university’s reimposing of mask and vaccine mandates. 


Following this decision from the student council and the university’s initial decision, strong backlash ensued.

Western University then granted a religious exemption for one student. This first-year student was initially denied the exemption before hiring a lawyer to fight back against the policy.

Next, the university announced it would not require students to be triple-vaccinated until January 2023. It pushed back the deadline, explaining that they understand every student does not necessarily have access to the vaccine in the same way. 

On September 19, the university was brought to court by The Democracy Fund (TDF), a legal charity group that fights for civil liberties and fundamental freedoms. TDF aims to force the university to drop its vaccination mandate. 

Also, the university recently reportedly announced that “homecoming guests and alumni do not need to provide vaccination status” when on campus — despite the university’s students being compelled to, sometimes against their own will


It was recently discovered that the Twitter account of Western University follows an account called “NeverVoteConservative”

While academic integrity and neutrality are an important value in most universities, which helps separate political biases from education, Western University seemingly does not follow the same belief, as they explicitly agree with the phrase “never vote conservative.”

The account states in its bio, in French, that if one likes Canada, they should never vote Conservative. “Si vous aimez le [Canada] ne votez jamais Conservateur,” it specifically states. 

Since being called out in regards to this by a Rebel News reporter, they stopped following the account.

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