Vaccine-injured First Nations health-care worker tells her story

Sonja Laptka learned that not only had she lost her health and ability to work due to COVID mandates, but that she could lose her family doctor of 14 years due to COVID-19 mandates as well.

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Oh, the twisted irony.

While B.C.’s premier, John Horgan, is busy begging the federal government for money to bring in more health-care workers and passing data-grabbing legislation he says is to “fight systemic racism” and “long-lasting effects of colonialism” that have affected job opportunities, I sat down to interview Sonja Laptka, a First Nations health-care worker whose job was snatched away from her by oppressors under Horgan’s government.

It gets worse.

Not only does Laptka belong to the thousands of B.C. frontline health-care workers who the province prevents from working and reliving worker shortages, fully vaccinated Laptka is also one of the Canadians who tried to comply with the province's inhumane “vax or be axed” mandates and has been suffering from a vaccine injury ever since.

“It was just the narrative of being put in a corner, and that you have to do this,” Laptka said, detailing the moments that led up to her decision to take the Pfizer vaccine despite having concerns about doing so.

Laptka says both her and her husband felt pressure to take COVID vaccines out of fear of losing their jobs, but after experiencing an abnormal reaction in her arm, persistent rashes throughout her body, leg tremors and a truck-like ringing in her ears, she knew she couldn't take a shot.

Despite B.C. having a shortage of family doctors, and doctors who have tried to warn patients about potential adverse reactions quickly finding themselves punished professionally soon after, Laptka was fortunate enough to have a family doctor who wasn’t too fearful to let her know she had a vaccine injury.

Months later, Laptka learned that not only had she lost her health and ability to work due to COVID mandates, she also learned that she could lose her family doctor of 14 years due to COVID-19 mandates as well.

After being backed into a corner by B.C.’s public health officer, who told regulated health-care workers — including doctors — that they would no longer be able to care for patients without being double-jabbed for COVID-19, Dr. Sofia Bayfeild, Laptka’s doctor, wrote a letter to her patients explaining why she may no longer be able to treat them anymore.

The government did eventually backpedal on that mandate, but not before legacy media published the letter, which led to Dr. Bayfield being smeared by some and defended by others online.

Dr. Bayfield and a group of B.C. doctors have now formed the Canadian Society for Science & Ethics in Medicine in order to defend their right to continue caring for British Columbians without being vaccinated, and have all unvaccinated workers back to work.

Watch our interview to hear Sonja’s full story, and please don’t forget to share it.

In order for those suffering from vaccine injuries in Canada to get the support they deserve and for people to obtain informed consent about these heavily pushed vaccines, we need your help to spread the other side of the story.

To help support the B.C. vaccine passport challenge being heard in court next week, that Rebel News partnered with The Democracy Fund charity to fight, please donate what you can at

All donations are tax deductible and will go to help cover the legal fees for that case and 20 more vaccine-related cases across Canada.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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