Adam Skelly (Adamson BBQ) vs. Everybody | Andrew Says #30

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Adam Skelly is an entrepreneur and restaurant owner who launched into fame after he refused to close his Toronto restaurant in the face of lockdown restrictions put in place by the government. Skelly was then arrested on a now-infamous day that saw several dozen police, including some on horseback, raid his restaurant and arrest him in front of a large crowd of protesters.

Skelly joins Andrew Says to discuss why he chose to make this life-changing decision, his plans moving forward and why he thinks so many other business owners decline to open their doors, including ones that have stated they would do so.

Adam also touches on some of the more fun and ridiculous conspiracy theories that have popped up since he became a household name.

All this, along with revealing which celebrities reached out in Adam's private messages, mean an action-packed episode of Andrew Says.

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This is only an excerpt of Thursday’s episode of Andrew Says, a weekly show hosted by Andrew Chapados. To watch the full episode, become a subscriber to RebelNews+.

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