Apology not accepted! Jason Kenney must make amends for breaking COVID rules

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Premier Jason Kenney and his colleagues have been caught in the act of violating COVID restrictions, though they would never admit to it. In fact, even after damning photos emerged proving as much, Kenney, Deena Hinshaw and other senior staff went out of their way to gaslight Albertans and insist no violations had taken place.

This was an opportunity to seem human, to admit fault, to offer to make amends — instead, entitled politicians turned it into a coverup. When an apology finally came, it was half-hearted and too little, too late. An air of entitlement all too reminiscent of Redford-era politics pervaded the press event, which was only fitting given that the Sky Palace is once again in the news. One rule for us, another for you.

The double standard is glaring. No consequences or fines for Jason Kenney and his pals while pastors are being jailed and business owners face prosecution. As if that weren’t enough of a scandal, questions were raised as to why booze was on the table while government officials met for a “work meeting.” I suppose the same entitlement that makes these officials so reluctant to apologize also emboldens them to drink while carrying out their official duties.

Kenney apologized and accepted full responsibility for his actions, but his apology was void of meaningful action or consequence.

If the premier is truly contrite, I propose the following remedy:

Kenney should apologize for the ceaseless harassment and harrowing roadside arrest of Pastor Artur Pawlowski and cease all proceedings against him. If he does so, I may be willing to listen. He can call Pastor Tim Stephens’ wife and apologize for plucking her husband away from their family, then maybe we can talk. Jason Kenney can drop charges against Pastor James Coates, Glen Carritt, Chris Scott, Ty Northcott and anyone else who has been unjustly targeted for resisting the restrictions that Kenney himself cannot seem to adhere too — then I might believe his apology.

Until such amends are made, it seems evident that the Sky Palace is poised to topple yet another pack of entitled politicians. Apology not accepted.

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  • By Ezra Levant

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