BAD NEWS: Ownership and staff shut out of Calgary restaurant Without Papers Pizza

Unfortunately things came to a close one night after a late visit from government authorities, barring Without Papers staff and ownership from the premises.

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It’s bad news for the little Calgary pizzeria called Without Papers Pizza — the restaurant that stood up against medical segregation and refused to discriminate against its customers. If you've seen our latest coverage then you already know a little bit about what they've been going through.

Recently, the City of Calgary passed a vaccine passport bylaw, requiring “many businesses and organizations to require proof of vaccination, recent negative test, or valid medical exemption letter to gain entry.”

This new bylaw requires business owners to discriminate within their clientele as to who are, and who are not, deemed clean by the state.

This is something the owner of Without Papers Pizza could not do.

Because of that, multiple visits from authorities ensued. It started with Alberta Health Services, who suspended their license. From then, much more happened at the local restaurant. To see what you missed check out my recent coverage on Without Papers Pizza.

Our last report, filed by Adam Soos, will give you an idea of what was going through the minds of those who came to support the business.

Unfortunately in the days after that report, authorities came back.

This time, a second seizure was issued, this time for the milk crates, which had been serving as an outdoor dining area, as well as the sign which held the owners message.

Obviously, milk crates are pretty common, and more were placed in front shortly after.

The free pizza party continued on, even after another visit from city workers. This time the orange road barriers were removed from the sidewalk, but only for one side of the street.

This is all a very stressful thing to be faced with, so why are the employees going along with this? It's not an easy thing to go against the machine, so I asked a few of Without Papers staff about what the restaurant meant to them.

Check out their full responses in the video above.

Thousands upon thousands of small businesses are struggling to make ends meet with all these new regulations, so I can only imagine how many other people feel the same way about their own workspaces.

Especially in this case, because, as you may know, standing for what you believe in isn't always easy.

Over the days many came to show their support, and some their dissatisfaction for this business.

Unfortunately things came to a close one night after a late visit from government authorities, barring Without Papers staff and ownership from the premises.

Even after this occurred, things may not be over.

Though the building was taken, the message remains the same.

Rebel News was there to hear what Without Papers Pizza's owner had to say at a recent rally — check out the video above to hear his message.

If you want to support Jesse and Without Papers Pizza, check out his donation link on Instagram.

Let me also remind you about our civil liberties campaign, Through that portal, we're taking on strategic legal cases against vaccine passport rules across the country. If you think you have a case, send us an email and tell us your story. Or, if you want to help us fight back against this medical apartheid, please show your support by making a donation at

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  • By Ezra Levant

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