Police force 'hate crime hoaxer' Hash Tayeh to testify in violent kidnapping case

After refusing to cooperate with Victoria Police, the Burgertory boss has now been compelled to testify in court.

Police force 'hate crime hoaxer' Hash Tayeh to testify in violent kidnapping case
Mohammad Sharab, Hash Tayeh and Laura Allam.
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Controversial anti-Israel activist and Burgertory boss Hash Tayeh has been compelled to appear in court on Friday as Victoria Police attempt to force him to testify in a kidnapping and assault case.

Tayeh was questioned by detectives after a man was allegedly ambushed by three masked men, tied up, stomped on, and severely beaten with a hammer in a horrific attack.

Tayeh refused to fully cooperate during initial questioning but police believe he holds crucial information for the prosecution.

There is no suggestion Tayeh has involvement in the attack. However, detectives believe his testimony could shed light on the case, particularly regarding Laura Allam, a 27-year-old CEO of the Al Jannah Foundation, who has been charged in connection with the brutal assault.

Allam's co-accused, Mohammad Sharab, 37, a regular speaker at anti-Israel protests who has threatened Rebel News reporter Avi Yemini on camera, is also implicated. Another person charged is Ibrahim Al Azhari, with detectives still searching for a fourth unidentified assailant.

The victim, whose identity remains protected, was allegedly kidnapped, duct-taped, and driven to Duke Street Reserve in Sunshine in a white ute belonging to Al Azhari.

He was then beaten with a hammer while being threatened with death. The attack ceased only after he surrendered his iPhone and Apple Watch along with their passcodes.

From his hospital bed, the victim alerted his Jewish employer, fearing the attackers might use his phone to target sensitive information. Allegedly, a relative of one of the accused offered the victim $10,000 and replacement electronics to withdraw his accusations.

Tayeh's Burgertory outlet in Caulfield was firebombed last November, an act he falsely blamed on the Jewish community, although police charged two men for the attack, dismissing it as a hate crime.

Additionally, in April, Tayeh's family home was targeted with a Molotov cocktail, which he also labelled as either a "terror" or "hate" crime, criticising police for not protecting the community.

Investigations into these incidents are ongoing.

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  • By Avi Yemini

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