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Roman Baber on indoctrination in public schools & the sky-high cost of living

Conservative leadership candidate Roman Baber is known for being a fierce critic of COVID restrictions, so we wanted to ask him about some other important issues.

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The window to become a member of the federal Conservative Party, and thus becoming eligible to cast a vote in the party's leadership race, closes this Friday, June 3.

So far, Haldimand—Norfolk MP Leslyn Lewis, Carelton MP Pierre Poillievre, and former Ontario MPP Roman Baber are the only remaining candidates running to feature restoring freedoms for Canadians as a key part of their campaign platform.

While covering a two day freedom event called the “Reclaiming Canada Conference”, we interviewed Baber just before he took the stage at the conference's rally.

Since Baber has made it clear that he is opposed to COVID-related restrictions, such as lockdowns and coercive vaccine mandates, for quite some time now, we took this opportunity to ask Baber about some things he hasn’t spoken about as often.

Watch our report and you'll hear some of Baber’s freedom-focused speech at the rally, along with his responses to my questions surrounding the increasingly unaffordable cost of living in B.C., and rising concerns from parents surrounding indoctrination of children from controversial agendas in schools, including ones surrounding gender ideology.

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