UN Human Rights Complaint

From Pastor Tim Stephens to Pastor James Coates to Pastor Artur Pawlowski and Tamara Lich, there has been no shortage of persecution toward dissenting voices in Canada.

And despite COVID-19 restrictions lifting across the country, we must not forget what was done to our civil liberties over the past two years in the name of health and safety.

That's why Rebel News is flying Chief Reporter Sheila Gunn Reid and legal-eagle Sarah Miller economy-class from Alberta to Geneva to hand deliver an official complaint to the United Nations Human Rights Council regarding Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's treatment of political dissidents in Canada.

Click here to learn more about their trip.

  • By Ezra Levant

Trudeau Must Resign

Justin Trudeau honoured a 98-year-old Nazi SS officer, Yaroslav Hunka, in Parliament last Friday. The Prime Minister has yet to personally apologize for this deeply embarrassing debacle. Justin Trudeau must resign!

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