Roman Baber's true opinion on the Energy Transition and Net Zero ambitions

Perhaps not what you expected to hear but in an era of sentimentalism, it’s too often the case that politicians will claim to advocate for ‘greener energy’, even if their actions run contrary to their message.

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For example, Justin Trudeau, who on one hand will ban the sale of single-use plastics and the production of gas-powered vehicles in years to come, but will also incessantly fly around the world in his private jet, costing Canadian taxpayers millions in jet fuel, all while drinking alcohol at the same time.

Trudeau’s former competition, ousted Conservative leader Erin O'Toole, spent $71,000 over seven days on Facebook ads in order to tell people he had a climate plan. O'Toole alleged the debate around climate change was over, and sought to implement climate policies more radical than Trudeau's. He became a strong advocate for environmental issues, while the rest of us plebs were having our businesses and lives destroyed by Trudeau’s so-called pandemic response and divisive rhetoric.

O'Toole chose his priorities and consequently was removed as leader of the Conservative party in February as truckers and their supporters peacefully protested COVID restrictions in Ottawa, something he showed no real support for.

New Conservative leadership candidates have begun campaigning, which includes Roman Baber, a former MPP from Ontario who was kicked out of the party's caucus by Premier Doug Ford for speaking up against pandemic restrictions.

Rebel News caught up with Baber at the Petroleum Club in Calgary, Alberta where the Western Standard was hosting a fireside chat for some of the leadership candidates.

With green energy transitions and net-zero emissions ambitions on the rise, and given that we were at the Petroleum Club, we asked Baber about this issue to see how his plan compares to those of the former Conservative leader.

Though his answer might not be as driven by sentimentalism as Trudeau’s or O’Toole’s answers, Baber arguably puts forward a plan that may well be “greener” after all. Not only has Canada heavily invested in its energy industry — ultimately making for cleaner methods of production — the country is also looking to outcompete international producers who don’t adhere to the same standards of ethical production.

Internationally, as Baber mentions, Canada isn’t the problem with regard to emissions, and the fact is that we produce most of our energy in a more efficient, cleaner and ethical manner than much of the world.

Instead of sequestering Canadian energy as our current prime minister does ‘for the sake of the environment’ while allowing more reckless producers internationally to absorb our market share, is it not more environmentally friendly to promote our own natural resources so that we can facilitate ethical oil consumption?

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