Pastor ticketed over $17,000 after battling Quarantine Act

When churches were no longer able to gather thanks to COVID health orders in Manitoba, one pastor stood above the rest in defiance. Now battling quarantine tickets, Pastor Tobias Tissen fights on.

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Over a year ago, Pastor Tobias Tissen defied COVID emergency orders by attending protests against said COVID emergency orders, and more grievously for practicing his religion. This was seen by the state as defying public gathering limits of no greater than fiveTobias was fined thousands for this alone.

The Church of God which Pastor Tobias belongs to, was also fined $5,000 for hosting in-person church service, and after a battle with RCMP over parking lot access they were later fined for drive-in church services as well. Both forms of worship were considered illegal at that time.

Tickets and non compliance continued, until months later when a warrant for six individuals for multiple breaches of public health and safety measures ensued. Pastor Tobias was one of those individuals and we caught up with him while the warrant was active to hear his side of the story. He continue hosting Church services despite the warrant, and stated that authorities would have to arrest him at the church, where he continued to present himself on Sundays.

While this warrant was active, Pastor Tobias faced what he would call, gestapo tactics, much like his family had fled Europe from in years past. His church also now faced with a potential one million dollar fine.

Pastor Tobias continued on until October 18, 2021, when the RCMP arrested him in front of his crying children, as opposed to the church where he had frequently presented himself for arrest. He was let free ~45 hours later after signing conditions, and our chief videographer Mocha was quickly on scene to hear from the church. We later caught up with Pastor Tobias himself to find out what conditions he had to sign in order to be released, along with his expectations moving forward.

Even after resolving the matter of his warrant, authorities continued to harass his family. Pastor Tobias called them out for these tactics, and set a meeting with police at which time he was given over $17,000 in fines for hosting church services in violation of the Quarantine Act.

As Pastor Tobias has stated previously, he and the church hold the understanding that these health orders are in violation of our fundamental freedoms here in Canada, and though the government seeks to financially crush them for defying bureaucratic dictum, the pastor and his church stand strong in their resolve.

Joining us today is Pastor Tobias to discuss the latest round of tickets which were given to him for practicing his God-given right to worship, in a way the state deemed illegal, thanks to the Quarantine Act.

Pastor Tobias is being helped with his quarantine tickets by The Democracy Fund, which has retained lawyer Sarah Miller of JSS Barristers to help. In this report, we also caught up with her to find out what exactly The Democracy Fund is doing to support Pastor Tobias at this time.

If you want to help Pastor Tobias with this latest wave of tickets, go to where you can donate to his legal defence and receive a charitable tax receipt for your contribution.

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